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25 May 2012

#32: The 10th Anniversary

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary and also my birthday.
For Mr. Hubby, thank you for bear with me through this excellent years. 
I'm so grateful to have you by my side.
Sometimes i do get emotional (upset, angry, sentimental, etc), irresponsible (selfish, thoughtless, etc) or even immature (ignorance, childish, etc) and i knew i'm complicated sometimes but the same goes for you too because we're not perfect.
So that's why we need each other to complete each other. 
And sometimes we might have a different ideas or a different interest but that's okay because we're just two different person anyway.
I love you the way you are and all the things that we've been through together.
May Allah bless us always! :) 
Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!     


danial_darina said...

hapy anniversary....

time running so fact....

wish both of u happy ever after....

marstories said...

kchik: thank you..yup..times flies so fast..sedar2 nasrin dah makin tinggi..and we're getting older..hehe.. :)