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12 July 2011

issue for today

strangely, this morning i felt like i want to eat something spicy but since i've already have sandwiches with peanut butter filling for my breakfast so i end up having rice with ikan cencaru belah belakang and sambal belacan for my lunch. it did satisfied my craving for something spicy anyway. but while i'm eating, i happened to remembered something about my penpal friend from south korea. he just asked me why i said that i can't touch dog? is it because it'll bring a bad luck to me or what? well, actually it started when i've told him that i'm muslim, so i can't eat pork after he told me his favourite korean dishes (something like pork belly with chilli and vegetables) and i told him that i can't touch dog too. that's why he asking me the question about dog. emmm.. basically i knew the reason why my religion prohibited us to not eating pork and touch dog but i really want to give a good explanation to him about this matters so he could understand it better. so i search about it in the internet. but what really disappointed me is the answers that i read from the internet (posting by people). they said something like "because they (muslim) are weird" or "because they (muslim) are unclean" and so on. Oh! come on.. if you really didn't know what the rational behind it, can you just say that you don't know? things are as simple as that. so you don't have to said that, that person is weird or what. it must be a reason why. don't you think so? because when people coming from a different country or place, of course they have a different ideology, believe, custom, religion, language and so on..right? can we just respect each other? the keyword here is "RESPECT". that's it. so again, why muslim can't eat pork or touch dog? and by the way, we actually CAN touch dog but after that we had to wash our hand with a certain procedure. there must be a good damn reason you can read HERE for further explaination. and i like the answer from someone that i got from the internet: "just explain to them that, that's part of your faith, that's what you believe in, i'm sure they'd understand that it's rude to judge a persons religion. i'm sure they don't laugh about some catholic or christian or even jewish rituals. this is your faith, what you believe and will keep doing so".

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