Be My Friend :)

10 March 2011


i'm on the middle of:

  1. attending course for 2 days - about integrity in public sector
  2. writing my tesis - about social media and internal communication
  3. doing my assignments - for 2 other subject
  4. travelling from penang to kl - every weekend (4 weeks non-stop until 3rd April)
  5. notes reading for midterm test/quiz for 4 subject - when there are classes
  6. preparing for group presentation - for 2 group project
  7. planning for my 'project K'
  8. continuing my 'project L'

yes.. that's my hectic life currently... very interesting right? haha.. thanks guys for stopping by..


Naja said...

apapun yang hang buat rini, aku sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk hang dari dulu, kini dan akan datang.. mmmuahhhhhhhs!

marstories said...

thanks darling..sama la aku pun..mendoakan segala yang terbaik untuk hang selalu.. :) and to tell you the truth..aku dah setengah nyawa buat tesis nih..hahah..sick enough to die..